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Žilina Model United Nations 2017

After five successful conferences it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in Žilina Model United Nations 2017 conference organised by students of the Bilingual secondary-grammar school, T. Ruzicku 3 Žilina in cooperation with the town of Žilina, Regional Youth Council of Žilina, United Nations Information Service (UNIS) and Association Franco Slovaque FRASK.

Žilina Model United Nations is a high school/secondary school academic simulation of the United Nations (the majority of delegates are between 15-20 years old). This conference aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda.

We are eager to create a motivating, creative, and stimulating conference which will give you the opportunity to enjoy discussions about the major international issues with determined young debaters from many countries as well as the opportunity to meet young smart people and take advantage of cultural opportunities of our city and region.
As we try to offer a wide choice of discussion opportunities, we organize special committees for students who would like to discuss international issues in English, Spanish and French. Žilina Model United Nations conference consists of 4 English committees (ZAMUN), 2 Spanish committees (ESMUN) and one French committee (Frac).

Žilina Model United Nations consists of 4 basic parts:
1. Opening ceremony
2. Committee sessions
3. General assembly session
4. Closing ceremony

The conference is organised as a part of a Erasmus+ project YOUNG EUROPEAN LEADERS (Slovakia, Finland, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain), aiming to implement innovative and effective ways of learning, promote communication and argumentation skills and activate young people by creating special Young European Leaders clubs, which foster their activities.

We will provide more information soon on our website www.zamun.sk as well as information concerning accommodation, fees and the conference schedule. When the registration starts, participants will be able to choose the type of accommodation preferred (hotel/youth hostel/host family). However, their respective capacities might be limited.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the e-mail or use the contact details published on the ZAMUN website.

Supervising team:
Mgr. Imrich Milo, Mgr. Janka Mládenková (ZAMUN supervisors, YEL supervisors, milo@zamun.sk, +421 905 867 911)
Fermín Domínguez Santana (ESMUN supervisor, fermin.dominguez@gbza.eu)
Aldrick Berquin (Frac supervisor, berquinaldrick@hotmail.com)